Closing Range – Breakdown

Calvin & Steve-O demonstrating how to close the distance.

Muay Thai might be a counter game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait for your opponent to go first. By using the jab as a lure you can bait a response when you are expecting it, giving you a greater chance of effectively countering.

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1. Set up with the jab

While at long range – use the jab to find your range and get a response from the oponent. At this distance you’ll be expecting them to throw long punches, kicks or teeps.
Don’t lunge forward on the jab. Keep your guard tight and maintain that range with a balanced stance.

2. Counter

When the opponent answers – be prepared to pary the jab and counter with punches.

For teeps and sweeps make sure that their leg has been scooped across their centre line to break their defence and come over the top with a cross or kick.

Continue applying pressure to force them towards the ropes.

3. Use of feints

For this set-up off of the jab to be effective it needs to be mixed in with other attacks, otherwise it will become a predictable moment for the opponent.

Incorporate other strikes to prevent them from getting a read on the jab.

If they reach to parry the jab or lower their guard you can feint the jab to create an opening for the cross.

4. On the ropes

Once you have your opponent backed up you can now bring yur feet in to let longer combinations with the hands go to the head and body before moving back out of range.